Parliamentary Boundaries Review

Parliamentary Boundaries Review from Department of Political Science on Vimeo.

Prof Ron Johnston (University of Bristol), Prof Charles Pattie (University of Sheffield) and David Rossiter

Date: Wednesday 11 January, 1.00pm
Venue: Council Room, The Constitution Unit

The UK Boundary Commissions produced their draft proposals in the early autumn. The first consultation period which followed comes to an end in December 2011, and  the shape of the final changes is likely to become clearer in the new year, when the commissions will publish their revised proposals.

Ron Johnston is a professor in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol. Charles Pattie is a professor at the University of Sheffield specializing in electoral geography. David Rossiter has worked in a research capacity at the Universities of Sheffield, Oxford, Bristol, Leeds and Essex and has been involved in the redistricting process both as academic observer and as advisor to the Liberal Democrats at the time of the Fourth Periodic Review.

Together they co-authored ‘The Boundary Commissions’ (1999) and ‘From Votes to Seats’ (2001). The team now have a grant from the British Academy to audit the public consultation stage of the current redistribution, and will be discussing their findings following the end of the first consultation phase.

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