The Coalition: One Year On

The Coalition: One Year On

Briefing Event

Tuesday 17th May 2011- 09:30-11:30

British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AH

The Magna Carta Institute is hosting a briefing session evaluating the first year of the Coalition Government.  The event will feature some of Britain’s leading academics who will present their latest research findings. The programme will feature discussions of a series of key aspects of the coalition’s first year, including parliamentary behaviour, public opinion, electoral performance, Europe and economic policy. It will appeal to journalists, public affairs professionals, political analysts and anyone who wishes to draw upon the latest academic research in evaluating the Coalition Government’s performance to date.

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Philip Cowley (University of Nottingham) – The Coalition in Parliament

Prof. Paul Whiteley (University of Essex) – The Coalition and Public Opinion

Prof Colin Rallings (University of Plymouth) – The Coalition’s Electoral Record

Prof. Alex Warleigh-Lack (Brunel University) – The Coalition and Europe

Prof. Wyn Grant (University of Warwick) – The Coalition and Economic Policy

Prof. Robert Hazell (University College London) – The Coalition and Whitehall

There is no charge to attend this event, though for planning purposes, we would be most grateful if you could confirm attendance. If you are unable to attend personally, please do pass the invitation on to someone else in your organisation.


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