All material on this blog – save that clearly marked as a quotation – is original and subject to copyright. Any use of it must be credited to the Constitution Unit and authorship acknowledged. It may not be used for any commercial purposes (save as permitted by the law of England and Wales) without seeking written permission and that permission may be subject to conditions. In the case of guest blogs, the named author must be credited and his/her authorship acknowledged, and material may similarly not be used for commercial purposes without permission.

Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice. It is general comment. Any reader who requires legal advice should consult a solicitor, barrister, advocate or other legal adviser able to give them advice about their particular situation.


One thought on “Copyright

  1. Dear Colleagues
    I co-edit he Sceptical Scot site, a non-binary current affairs and cultural online magazine, and would like to reproduce the recent article/blog on referendums with full attribution if that is possible.
    Many thanks for a heads-up
    Kind regards
    David Gow

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